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Karen Johnson - Online Virtual Assistant and WordPress web design services
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Karen Johnson — Virtual Assistant

Karen Johnson
WordPress Virtual Assistant

About Me

I work with entrepreneurs from around the world from North America to the United Kingdom and I am based in Cape Town, South Africa.

I grew up riding horses on a farm in Richmond, Natal. Nowadays I spend my spare time on my passion project Elated Vegan Health, cycling or taking long walks along our beautiful coastline, or playing classical piano.

Karen Johnson offers Virtual Assistant services to save you time.

My Experience

I’m a tech-savvy Virtual Assistant with over 16 years of experience as a Virtual Assistant and C-Suite Executive Assistant. This includes more than a decade’s experience working with WordPress websites. I have an additional 19 years of experience in recruitment, hospitalities, and sales.

I picked up a large variety of skills along the way!

I have an inherent ability to implement and create solutions, organize, and streamline processes. And I value the importance of good customer care and attention to detail.6

My Soft Skills

My strong point is organizing, creating and implementing solutions. I pay fastidious attention to details. I also practice good time management and adhere to ethical timekeeping standards. I’m eager to learn new programs and software whenever I can. I’m an entrepreneur myself and show initiative and am self motivated.

But there’s more to working than just business! I feel it’s important to be authentic — be real, have integrity and show compassion in all aspects of our life, even at work.

How I Work

I like to build long-term relationships with a select few clients.

I offer weekly WordPress Virtual Assistant packages as well as specific services like monthly newsletters and blog post publishing.

Let's get started on your project!

Cory Miller

In my need to get more efficient while ensuring important things aren’t dropped, I’ve been working on my Trello board with my wrangler Karen, who is an insanely organized professional, which is why I hired her.

Cory Miller, Entrepreneur
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